What can Talk Time do for me?

What does Talk-Time do?

One of the leading ways that attorneys, consultants, and other similar professions lose money is by leaving it on the table. It is often impossible to make note of all client calls when driving, very busy, or clicking over from call to call.  Then, when it comes time for billing, it is difficult to remember every phone call made, with revenue being simply lost. This app ensures that every minute of billable time spent on the phone is accounted for.

For a small firm or a struggling solo practitioner, those recovered billable hours can make the difference between financial success or not.”


Most apps merely allow the user to make manual entries on their device, something that could be accomplished with basic apps such as Notes. A few will ‘mine’ your phone for data, something that may have security and privacy implications. Talk-Time makes time tracking almost completely automatic.

Each Talk-Time client that is tracked may have multiple case names or numbers assigned by the user, so after a call is over, the user gets to choose the case name or number and enter an optional note.  Other than that, once the contact is designated as a client, it’s all done for you.  No more stopping to write down the details of the call in a notepad or type it into an app.

One of the best features of Talk-Time is that of the sub-client, a contact designation for people who, for example, may be expert witnesses or opposing counsel on a case.  The sub-client is associated with a primary client and the data for those calls, texts and emails is collected under the primary billable client’s name.

Talk-Time isn’t just for attorneys who have billable hours, either.  It’s equally as useful for consultants, experts, psychologists and other counselors whose time on the phone may be billable. It could also be useful to employers to track calls from employees to customers, making sure that there is a record of all mobile calls in and out, even if the time itself is not billable.