Thomas has been a pioneer and an agent of change for his entire career.  Here are just a few of his notable accomplishments:

Accomplishments of Note

Chapman University School of Law

☀︎   Founding class of Chapman University School of Law

☀︎   Established an LGBT Student group

☀︎   Founded the Nexus Law Journal (Vice-Chair and Contributing Editor)
☀︎   Edited the ABA Accreditation Self-Study
☀︎   Helped write the Student Code of Conduct and Student Government Charter
☀︎   Edited the Student Handbook
☀︎   Established non-discrimination policies for Sexual Orientation and Gender identity
☀︎   In 2011 Named one of the “Faces of Chapman” 150 people most influential in the 150 year                 history of the university

City of New Orleans

♦︎    First openly gay prosecutor in Traffic and Municipal Courts

♦︎    Only City Attorney working for 3 weeks during and after Hurricane Katrina:

☀︎    Ensured the Declaration of Emergency & evacuation was prepared 3 days before the storm
☀︎    Established a temporary City Attorney’s Office in LSU Law School
☀︎    Pre-empted the Declaration of Marshal Law
☀︎    Stopped the city from raiding the Retirement System Trust Fund
☀︎    Helped Coordinate the re-establishment of the Courts in Orleans
☀︎    Helped coordinate the re-configuration of voting locations 
☀︎    Defended the City in federal court by phone

♦︎    Twice successfully defended the City of New Orleans Domestic Partnership Registry and benefits

♦︎    Helped establish parity for Same-Sex couples in Domestic Violence cases

♦︎    10 years as attorney for the Vieux Carré Commission, City Retirement Board, Historic Districts                 Landmarks Commission, City Council, Board of Zoning Adjustments, Finance department



♦︎    First openly gay elected official in Louisiana - Orleans Parish School Board: Vice President, 2011;            President, 2012

♦︎    Led efforts to improve anti-bullying legislation in the state and policies in Orleans Parish Schools            and other districts statewide

♦︎    Created the Disadvantaged Business Program program for OPSB

♦︎    Successfully led efforts to include LGBT businesses in DBE program for OPSB

♦︎    Successfully led efforts to include and improve LGBT protections from discrimination for OPSB              students, teachers and staff

♦︎    Successfully led efforts to ban creationism in science classes and to ban revisionist history books



♦︎    Long-time ally of the Forum for Equality and NO AIDS Task Force

♦︎    4 years as Board Member of Forum for Equality

♦︎    Worked to promote pro-LGBT candidates for office – local and state wide


♦︎    Worked to promote judicial candidates to improve judicial function and efficiency, and to                        promote justice and equity under the law.

♦︎    Advocate for LGBT adoption and marriage equality

♦︎    Working to re-establish LGBT voting power in New Orleans

♦︎    Advocated for education and LGBT rights in the Legislature

♦︎    Successfully worked to ban creationism in science classes in Orleans Parish

♦︎    Tireless advocate in the Legislature and locally for LGBT+ issues, including the HIV community

♦︎    Teri Estrada Memorial Award for public service – AIDSLaw of Louisiana 2013

♦︎    Declarations of Commendation from 2 mayors and 3 separate City Councils.